Complex WHS Pains

Prior to BuildingDocs, Brett Jenkin Engineering were using a set of SWMS they had given to them by one of Australia’s largest construction material companies.

The company had won a contract to deliver two concrete manufacturing plants in Victoria’s North-East to supply material to the ominous West Gate Tunnel Project - been constructed by John Holland to help stem Melbourne ever growing traffic congestion issues.

Belinda Jenkins first contacted BuildingDocs with some questions regarding the requirements of their SWMS and issues around compliance and the Safe Work Method Statements they currently were using on site. Belinda shared the Safe Work Method Statement Check List she was provided by the developer to meet compliance and asked for BuildingDocs expertise on the matter.

Co-Founder of BuildingDocs and lead SWMS Specialist Rob Taylor began to put together a tailored packaged to suit the needs of the company. “Given the complexities around the erection of two individual concrete manufacturing facilities providing material for a government job - We had to make sure we got it right the first time”

After a further meeting with John Holland and confirming their current SWMS did not meet code, Belinda again reaffirmed the need to update their documentation. “The SWMS we had didn’t have any High Risk Works highlighted in them and they weren’t 2018 compliant.”

The package that was put together covered a large array of roles performed in the construction of the plants - 25 Safe Work Method Statements in total. Also included in the package was a Health Safety & Environmental Plan, A Tool Box Talk Template and a Site Induction Template.

“We were really happy in the end. All the documents were uniform and presented really well when we passed them onto the developer. No news from them is good news so it was good to tick that off the list and get started with the erection of the plants”

An Inexpensive Solution To SWMS

Belinda had looked towards other document providers. Some were offering templates online she would have to spend more time on and also looked towards more bespoke WHS providers where the cost was quite high to acquire the documentation. In the end BuildingDocs ticked the most boxes for their requirements. “Rob was amazing. From start to finish he was always contactable, knew his stuff - he knew the documents we had weren’t going to pass and they didn’t - when I contacted him again he just laughed and said we needed to sort it out ASAP to get us back on track”

Belinda - now on track with the start dates to finish the erection of the concrete plantations - was happy with the overall quality and process. “They were relatively inexpensive, easy to use. I’d happy recommend BuildingDocs to others and if we get stuck again I know who I’ll be calling for WHS documents”