Health, Safety & Environmental Plan (HSE Plan)

The HSE Plan will support your onsite safety from concept to completion. This document will help take your safety compliance to the next level with this professional document that all businesses who care about safety should have. The HSE Plan is a crucial step towards mitigating your projects risks.

Our documents are customised to suit our client’s individual needs and incorporate your logo for the professional touch. You will receive your 136 page document in MS Word format so it can be easily adapted to all your projects, with the once of purchase fee.

The document complies with the relevant WHS industry regulations, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801:2001.

We can proudly say all our clients who have purchased this document have been more than happy with it.

The Building Docs team are always there to help if you have any questions.

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Asbestos Management Plan

Be a company that is committed to the safety of all workers and the public who may be exposed to the extremely dangerous Asbestos and implement an Asbestos Management Plan now. Companies who care are respected by their clients, workers and the greater public; caring about Asbestos is important. This document will help ensure the appropriate management practices are adhered to throughout your project. Complying with applicable Work Health and Safety legislation, the document will help you implement procedures that identify hazards, assess risks and control risks.

Implement systems and deal with the inevitable now, do not wait for a crisis to respond. Minimise incident and illnesses caused by work activities on your project.

Our documents are fully customised to suit our client’s look and feel. We incorporate your logo and will send the document in a MS Word format for continual use. There is ONLY the one of payment to purchase the document, no ongoing fees or charges.

The Building Docs team will always be there to help, we love being there for our valued clients.  

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Workplace policies

Show your clients that you mean business, show them you are professional with a set of policies. We know that you care about your team, so show your clients and employees that you care through a thorough set of polices. 

It's not only big businesses that need to be proactive with their policies and procedures, all businesses need to take this step. A well thought out and implemented policy ensure good practice and helps to establish a professional and effective organisation. 

Take the next step, or update your existing, and establish your new set of policies today.

Our Policies package includes the following: