Rob Taylor

Lead Workplace Health Safety Consultant
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Rob is passionate about providing small to medium sized businesses actionable WHS solutions tailored to their individual needs. He firmly believes every business is entitled to a high quality framework for their WHS systems regardless of the companies size. Rob’s background in commercial construction allowed him to experience first hand the pain points that our customers experience on a day to day basis. He has a high attention to detail and is our most experienced WHS specialist.
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Dan Nugent

Workplace Health Safety Consultant
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Dan’s experience in commercial building and construction is second to none. He provides a high level of professionalism and understands every business is different in what they need in order to achieve their optimal level of compliance. He is also a firm believer that safety shouldn’t necessarily mean more redtape and is an advocate for finding balance between safe work systems that do not hamper completion dates on jobs.
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Sangeeta Acharya

SWMS Specialist

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Sangeeta is dedicated to serving her clients with high quality Safe Work Method Statements that will aid and assist a business of any size with their risk mitigation strategies. She is a hardworking and diligent team member who always puts the needs of her clients first - regardless of how restrictive the customers lead time may be.