The Top 5 Most Common Job Site Injuries & How To Prevent Them

Every year hundreds of Australian tradesmen are injured on job sites around the country. Although the majority are not serious, the unfortunate fact is that in some cases they are debilitating and life-threatening. 

Following the success of our recent article 7 Ways to Increase Job Site Safety Without Hurting The Hip Pocket today we look at the five most common injuries on job sites.

1. "Don't bust your foofer valve!" - Overexertion is the most common way tradesmen hurt themselves on worksites in Australia. Tasks such as excessive lifting, pushing or pulling, holding carrying or throwing accounts for 1 in 4 injuries in the workplace. Don't be a hero. Save it for the gym and keep it safe on site. Ask for help or find a safer way to complete a task.

2. "Timmmmmm-bbeerrrrrr!" - Not really a huge surprise to anyone that falls were responsible for 17% of all injuries on job sites. What may shock you is the raging majority are falls ''on the same level.'' What does this tell us? Well... we're probably doing a good job looking after ourselves at greater heights but when we're navigating the job site we get complacent. Never ever get complacent with your safety, no matter how simple a task may seem there is always a element of risk. Keep your site clean and reduce the risk.

3. Bend it like...Ouch! - Coming in at number three is bodily reaction. I know... "Bodily Huh?" This includes things like bending, reaching, climbing, standing , sitting, slipping or tripping without falling. For a start, the majority of these tasks can be greatly aided by an active lifestyle outside your day job. A little bit of "me-time" at the gym and cooling down with the stretching is a great way to ensure your giving yourself every chance on site to stay safe. Don't like the gym? Just find something to get moving in your spare time. It will pay dividends.

4. "Go grab the ladder..." - Less common than you'd expect, falling to a lower level accounts for less than 10% of all injuries on job sites in Australia. Scaffolding and procedures have come a long way even in the last decade but there are things to keep an eye out for. Hint: We've all seen that dodgy tradesmen up that ladder they should have been binned years ago. Your equipment needs to be inspected and maintained. Regularly. 

5. "Its a bird, its a plane! No it's...A Hammer?" - Closing out the top 5 most common job site injuries is been struck by an object. Steel toe boots and safety glasses please guys. Also don't underestimate how important it is to stack materials on site properly to prevent sliding, falling or even worse...collapsing. 

Although there weren't any real shock inclusions in the top 5, hopefully by identifying them and considering ways to improve site safety in Australia we will reduce the amount of preventable injury on our sites.

Stay safe.