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Comply with WHS Requirements by Preparing Customised Safe Work Method Statement Forms for Risk Assessment

Everyone in construction knows that WHS regulations require the preparation of SWMS Safe Work Method Statement documents. A SWMS document is crucial for outlining construction activities in the workplace, for documenting the risks that may arise during construction and for putting protections in place to mitigate any risk. Even for tradespeople who have prepared safety method statement documents previously, the SWMS preparation process can be a time consuming one. It’s important that whenever starting on a new construction site that the SWMS are reviewed each and every time to ensure that the risks and risk ratings are appropriate for that particular environment.

BuildingDocs: Helping Time Poor Tradespeople Save Time

Let’s be honest. Tradies are time poor. You are scrambling to get schedules for your upcoming jobs, to get your guys all on the same page, to stick to your deadline, and every other little detail that goes with working for yourself in the construction game. You don’t have time spend hours on Safe Work Method Statement forms.

At BuildingDocs, we customise bespoke SWMS forms to suit your needs. Forget all those generic SWMS templates you can find online. Our forms are made with your business and your projects in mind. Not only do our forms help you stay compliant with WHS requirements and keep your worksite safe, but they also make your business look more professional. We are unique from other online SWMS form preparation companies in that we tailor the document with your businesses logo .It’s these small extra steps that add legitimacy and professionalism to the entire SWMS process and will give uniformity across your WHS documents and will not go unnoticed by your clients.

Get Your Safe Work Method Statement Form When You Need It

Another thing we understand at BuildingDocs is that, sometimes, our clients need their SWMS forms to get on site. They need them ASAP! Before we started this business, we were tradies ourselves, which means we have been in your shoes before. You might turn up on site and find out your current SWMS do not comply, or maybe someone in the office dropped the ball and forgot to prepare a SWMS. Either way, you can count on BuildingDocs to sort it out for you and get you back on the tools.

When buying SWMS from BuildingDocs you should expect nothing less than the highest quality risk assessment and method statement preparation services. To learn more about our business, or to place an order for a customised document, contact us today.