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Need a SWMS? Where to Turn When You Need a Safe Work Method Statement for Upcoming Carpentry Work

As a carpenter, you know what it takes for a project to be successful, whether it's large or small. The number one factor: planning. Before ever cutting a board or erecting a structure, knowing the steps you're going to take along the way before starting allows for better quality control and a higher likelihood of a positive outcome. It’s the same logic that goes into the requirement for you to produce and retain a copy of a safe work method statement for any carpentry work that carries with it a high level of risk. By outlining the hazards, what you'll do to mitigate them, and who is responsible for supervising these efforts, you create a safer workspace on every job site while fostering accountability among all staff.

You know the reasoning for the rules that demand you have a carpentry SWMS available for review. Does that make it any less frustrating to put one together, though? Unfortunately not — and it means spending more time away from doing the actual work for your clients. When you're already time-poor, tackling additional efforts like tinkering with a carpentry method statement can put an additional strain on the business's efforts. With BuildingDocs, you'll have a partner that has everything available to eliminate that strain.

Meeting Your Obligations and Fostering a Safe Work Environment

Our goal: eliminate as many of the time-consuming parts of SWMS preparation as possible, supplying clients with easy-to-use documents that they can use as necessary. We don't just leave a blank space for you to slap in your logo — that's part of the service we offer here. By accepting an upload of your logo during the initial information gathering process, we create documents that reflect a high degree of professionalism and uniformity while also including all the essential details.

The level of service you'll find at BuildingDocs is another key point of difference. You aren't dealing with a fly-by-night third-party that only barely understands the rules you must comply with; instead, you work with a team composed of real tradies who've experienced the same situations you have. We're using our accumulated knowledge and experience to make the entire process of creating safe workspaces and meeting requirements much more straightforward, no matter the industry.

Request Your Bespoke Carpentry SWMS Today

With over five hundred different SWMS available, we can function as a one-stop shop for carpenters, builders, and all others in the trade who don't have the time or desire to prepare them individually. Use our online app to make a start today; once we have your information and logo in hand, we can respond by the next business day. Need it faster? We can do that, too.

When you're planning out your next carpentry project, don't forget to mark down time to contact BuildingDocs while you're marking out cuts and lengths. Reach out online by email or call us today to chat about your requirements, or if you’re ready to place an order for a method statement for carpentry work now. Working multiple jobs in quick succession? Ask about our three statement special.