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Concrete Works Require Safety Documentation: Acquiring a Template for a Safe Work Method Statement for Concreting

As one of the most durable and most versatile building materials, concrete sees widespread use in everything from footpaths to retaining walls and major structural installations. For tradespeople who work hard to make sure that every pour goes smoothly so that the finished work can stand against the tests of time and the elements, it's a rewarding job. As you connect with clients and build your business, though, you always need to remember that there's more to the job than just setting up formwork and making pours. There's plenty of paperwork to do, too. No one enjoys it, but it's a necessary and vital step — especially when it comes to a safe work method statement for concreting.

Not only are you required to lay out all the steps you'll take to complete a job, but WHS rules dictate you need to lay out the hazards and risks and what mitigation methods you'll use. Different types of concrete works can come with various risks and methodologies, meaning you may spend a substantial amount of time tweaking a concreting SWMS trying to make things ready for work to proceed. What if you could minimise the amount of frustration you experience with the paperwork, maximise your time on the job, and still stay on the right side of the rules? At BuildingDocs, that's precisely the service we've provided to hundreds of satisfied clients across many trades.

Avoiding Troublesome Issues with Easy Access to a Concreting SWMS

Operating without a SWMS is not an option; the risk of non-compliance is not worth saving time by skipping the process, and the lack of documented procedure can create an unsafe working environment. By taking the pain out of the process for producing a SWMS that covers the type of concrete work you conduct on a regular basis, we're able to help you save time without compromise. Our extensive knowledge of the industry and access to more than 500 SWMS documents means we have the understanding and the tools necessary to deliver a comprehensive, high-value service that never misses an important detail.

Once you receive your completed SWMS template for concreting, ensure everything is in order. We pre-fill everything, including site-specific information, such as the compliance supervisor for the job. Be sure to keep the document available on site in case anyone requests to review it; it should be easy to access.

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Developing a method statement for concrete works that ticks every box it needs can take time that you may not have. Instead of coping with the stress of trying to fit too many tasks into every day, let the BuildingDocs team shoulder the burden when it comes to preparing a document as important as a SWMS. Start the process with our online builder and let us know if you need your documents especially quickly; we're happy to deliver even on very tight deadlines. For further information or for guidance on the next steps you should take, contact us now on 1300 MY SWMS or visit our FAQ.