Concreting SWMS VaLUE Package

Early starts, at the mercy of the weather day in day out and love a beer at days end. Concreters are a rare breed of tradesmen. We also know that concreting has many different tasks and roles which can change depending on the job. The last thing you want is to be bogged down in red tape and sent back to the office to sort out your Workplace Health & Safety Requirements.

Is this pack right for you?

  • You’re constantly getting asked for SWMS and the ones you’ve put together over the years just no longer cut it

  • You’re looking to tender for larger jobs

  • Your business is progressing from residential sites into commercial

  • You are tendering for Government work

  • You’re starting a new business and want your WHS requirements right from the beginning

    If yes to any of the above we’ve built this package for you.

14 SWMS For Any Situation

  • Bobcat Operation

  • Concrete - Cutting

  • Concrete - Formwork

  • Concrete - General

  • Concrete - Pump Boom

  • Concrete - Use of Quick Cut Saw

  • Fuel Powered Equipment Maintenance & Safety

  • Hand Tools

  • Manual Handling

  • Power Tools

  • Steel Reinforcement Fixing

  • Unloading/Loading Of Deliveries To Site

  • Working At Heights

  • Worksite Hazards - Working Near

    LIST PRICE - $1106 EX GST

    Customised with the following

  • Your Business Name

  • Your ABN

  • Your Office Site Address

  • Your Logo (PNG or JPEG Preferred)

    Why Choose Us?

  • 12 Month Warranty On All Your SWMS

  • Site Acceptance Guaranteed

  • You Own The Content For Life - Delivered In MS Word

  • If You Loose Them We Resend Them For Free

  • One On One Access To Our SWMS Specialist