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Ensure Full Compliance With a Tailored Confined Space Safe Work Method Statement

Do your clients count on you to make it into tight spaces to carry out important work or maintenance? Sometimes the job demands squeezing into places where you have little room to work; these jobs are among the riskiest, and it's why they require a confined space Safe Work Method Statement so that everyone is aware of on-site safety responsibilities and protective measures.

You may be a professional at what you do, but don't get caught in a tight spot with your paperwork. A confined space SWMS must consider the specific dangers present at each job site; a generic version is only acceptable if it already takes these changing conditions into account. The rules state that technically, no work is to commence or continue without a confined space Safe Work Method Statement on site and available for review. What can you do to ensure there isn’t a delay?

Turn to the BuildingDocs team. Offering a service geared towards tradies and run by tradies, you'll find we understand precisely the obligations and time pressure you may face. With the ability to create a custom confined space Safe Work Method Statement that includes all the essential information you need and already personalised with your company logo, you can save tonnes of time. Instead of spending all day chasing down rules and regulations, you can quickly fill in site-specific information and proceed with your project.

Find out how to get started using our online template builder. Rapid turnaround times are available for those who need a SWMS on short notice. BuildingDocs proudly sustains a 100% site acceptance rate and offers a refund-backed guarantee of quality. Contact us by phone or email for more information.