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Why Use a Generic Template for High Risk Construction Work Method Statements When You Could Use a Bespoke SWMS Instead?

In the world of construction, "safety first" isn't just a catch phrase — it's a hard and fast rule that everyone should strive to follow. You want to get the job done right and leave the customer happy, but it's just as important for everyone to get home to their families. However, some types of construction work are more dangerous than others. WHS rules dictate that for any high-risk construction, a SWMS available on the job site is mandatory. By outlining the expected risks and safety methodologies, tradespeople can enjoy safer working conditions with accountability that ensures they always follow proper risk mitigation procedures.

Preparing a method statement for all your construction works can become an increasingly time-consuming task. It’s especially true if you take on a large number of jobs and frequently move between different types of projects with varying levels of risk. How can you cut down on the amount of time you spend doing paperwork so you can get back to the real work? Could you use generic method statements for construction projects that allow you to save time while still meeting your obligations? At BuildingDocs, we can help you answer these questions and save you valuable time.

A Wealth of Experience in Developing Construction SWMS Documents

Since different job sites can carry different hazards, a construction method statement template that covers everything you would typically encounter in a job may not be enough. However, regulations don't forbid the use of one document if it considers the nature of the changing work area and plans mitigation accordingly. With a thorough approach, you could avoid future hassles.

Creating a high-risk construction work SWMS like that could take up a considerable amount of your time. That’s where BuildingDocs comes in. After gathering all the necessary information from you, we create a robust document that you can easily edit to suit your needs. We have friendly online customer service representatives available to guide you through any parts of the process where you might need help. It's this level of attentive service that has made us one of the leading suppliers of documentation to tier one builders and government agencies alike.

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As tradies ourselves, we know the challenges you face on the job every day; let us help you put more of your time and energy into the work itself, and not just the paperwork. When you purchase a bespoke construction method statement template or other document from BuildingDocs, you also gain the peace of mind that comes from a money-back guarantee. Our documents have a 100% site acceptance rate; if you encounter problems, let us know for a full refund. Start building your template today or let us know if you need help on 1300 MY SWMS.