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Acquire a Customised SWMS With Everything Prepared For You

Ticking boxes off the list of things you must do to complete a project is satisfying, whether it involves framing a wooden structure or installing equipment at height. Do you think some of the things on your to-do list are a bigger hassle than others, such as preparing the Safe Work Method Statement you're required to prepare for every job site? Whether you're a veteran of your trade or just starting out, you can benefit the time saved and professionalism gained by using a customised SWMS.

At BuildingDocs, we got our start by wondering why paperwork always has to be such a hassle — and then deciding to do something about the situation. With years of our own experiences in the construction industry informing our efforts, we've built a fast and simple option for a custom SWMS that has everything you need to save time in the office. Instead of selling you a largely blank slate, we take care to gather information about the type of job and vital info about the upcoming work.

With these, we can create a fully customised SWMS that includes all the right information plus your business logo already incorporated proudly right at the top. We deliver all documents in a standard MS Word format, so you can add in any last-minute specifics before printing and preparing it for storage on-site. Let the BuildingDocs team help you tick one more of your boxes today. View a list of all our customised SWMS options, or use our template builder now to start your order. Have a question? Call us on 1300 MY SWMS.