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At BuildingDocs, we are proud to offer Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) templates for a wide range of construction activities. We build custom SWMS forms for our clients, customising these forms to suit the specific needs of the business and project. When completed, you will have a WorkSafe compliant form that makes sense for both the job at hand and your company (we include your business logo on the form). Whether you need an electrical SWMS template or a form about pest control, you can rely on us for a quick bespoke solution.

How BuildingDocs Became Many Builders’ Preferred Supplier for SWMS Documents

BuildingDocs got its start three years ago, but we have rapidly become the go-to supplier of SWMS documents for many clients. From government agencies to tier one commercial builders, all the way to independent tradespeople in all segments of the industry, we have sold thousands of tailored SWMS forms to hundreds of clients nationwide.

How did we get to this point so quickly? We believe that a few key factors have driven our success and growth.

The first and most crucial part of our business model, we think, is that we offer ‘for tradies, by tradies’ SWMS. Our two business founders both come from construction backgrounds and have dealt with their own share of SWMS forms over the years. We know that preparing an electrical method statement can be time-consuming, dull and a real WHS nightmare. None of us got into the trades to do paperwork, and project managers have things they would rather be doing with their time than sitting in an office working on a SWMS form. Our business model gives tradies SWMS forms that are WHS compliant and fully customised to suit their needs. With us, you can spend more time on the worksite and less time in the office—all without sacrificing safety, compliance or best practice.

Another factor is our versatility. We can create SWMS forms for any construction, installation or renovation work. For example, say you need a Safe Work Method Statement for electrical. We offer bespoke forms for work such as running out electric leads, electrical isolation, connecting electrical switchboards, installing electrical equipment and any other general electrical services. From wiring to appliance installation to electrical safety protections, you can rely on us for any method statement for electrical works. The same goes for other types of project work as well.

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Finally, our service is straightforward to use. We are online, which means you can order your SWMS forms from anywhere, at any time. Just fill out our online form, provide us with the details about your company and project and we will get started ASAP.

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Whether you need an electrical safe work method statement template or require a SWMS form for another type of construction work, you can rely on BuildingDocs to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.