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Quickly Prepare for Excavation Projects With an Accessible Safe Work Method Statement

Did you go into the work of earthmoving and excavation to spend your time filling out paperwork? Of course not — but rules are rules. When it comes to risky construction work, everyone on the job from top to bottom should know what the risks are and what steps the team will take to ensure everyone's safety. That's where an excavation Safe Work Method Statement comes in but preparing this important required document for every job site is often time consuming, keeping you off the tools.

At BuildingDocs, we aim to change all that. We offer a simple choice for a bespoke excavation SWMS that already includes everything about your operation, we provide a direct alternative to hours of office work. With the right price point and a speedy, dependable turnaround time, you can depend on us to furnish an excavation Safe Work Method Statement that will aid you in achieving compliance.

Compliance? We guarantee it; BuildingDocs has never supplied a SWMS that was not approved by inspectors on site, and we'll refund you and make it right if you encounter any problems. When you no longer need to invest your time in paperwork, you can invest it back into what's more important: the real work. In time, that can translate to more jobs completed and a better bottom line.

Start building your excavation safe work method statement today using our online tool; after submission, we'll leap into action to start preparing your document. Got questions and want answers before you commit? Give us a ring on 1300 MY SWMS and let's have a chat.