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Quick, Easy Manual Handling SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) By and For Australian Tradies

When working on a new trade project, safety should always be your number one priority. As tradies, we know how dangerous any given job can be, and why taking the utmost care before beginning work is imperative. Especially when dealing in manual handling, a safe work method statement is fundamental to ensure you and your worker's security when working, yet they can be a real pain to fill out. With so much paperwork to go through, loaded with confusing bureaucratic language, a manual handling SWMS may seem to get between you and your work, instead of helping you get the job done. That is why getting a trusted, reliable company to fill out a manual handling method statement for you can make such a difference for your construction project. There are many benefits to outsourcing the work of filling out a SWMS, from cost efficiency to saving you time, that you might not have even considered.

The Benefits of Utilising a SWMS Service for a Manual Handling Safe Work Method Statement

While outsourcing the work of a manual handling method statement might feel weird for tradies used to doing it all themselves, there is indeed a variety of ways these services can benefit your work. Here are just a few examples of how hiring a qualified Manual Handling SWMS professional can help you.

Quick and Time-Saving: When hiring a qualified SWMS service for your manual handling safe work method statement, they will be able to give you quick turnarounds, getting you back to your project faster. Long gone are the days of struggling through overly complicated, federal SWMS forms, as a SWMS professional will get it to you sooner, and with better attention to all the little details.

Affordable for All Budgets: Even for the most cash-strapped tradie, hiring a SWMS professional for a manual handling SWMS is an affordable, cost-efficient choice. Available for all budgets and ensuring nothing is overlooked to avoid re-filling of forms, outsourcing this task is a cost-effective choice for projects of all kinds.

Easily Customised to Your Needs: For each project you are working on, a SWMS professional can customise each form to your specific needs. Available for over 140 different service needs, working with a company such as BuildingDocs will provide you with a SWMS that accurately matches your project.

Your Choice for All SWMS Needs

BuildingDocs, are the premium choice SWMS service here in Australia. Our team of experienced tradesmen have worked in the field for years, and our SWMS service is proudly by tradies, for tradies. We offer fast turnarounds, with same day service available for many tasks, meaning we get you to your tools faster. You’ll no longer have to mess around with confusing forms and silly regulations, as we take the stress away from your manual handling method statement worries. Contact us for more information or your customised, project specific SWMS.