Plumbing SWMS VaLUE Package

Plumbers day to day roles can vary almost more than any other trade. Monday you are fitting off a new bathroom and laundry, Tuesday you’re on an elevated work platform doing stormwater pipes on a commercial factory and that afternoon you’re on a machine trenching out a hole for drainage on a new estate. We get it. You need a broad set of Safe Work Method Statements that gives you confidence that you’re compliant and covered regardless of the work that gets thrown your way.

Is this pack right for you?

  • You’re constantly getting asked for SWMS and the ones you’ve put together over the years just no longer cut it

  • You’re looking to tender for larger jobs

  • Your business is progressing from residential sites into commercial

  • You are tendering for Government work

  • You’re starting a new business and want your WHS requirements right from the beginning

    If yes to any of the above we’ve built this package for you.

28 SWMS For Any Situation

  • Asbestos - Correct Handling

  • Asbestos - Removal

  • Asbestos - Working Near

  • Bobcat Operations

  • Boom Lift Operations

  • Chasing Pipes & Cables

  • Confined Spaces

  • Cordless Power Tools

  • Elevated Work Platforms

  • Excavator & Using Relevant Attachments

  • Fuel Powered Equipment Maintenance & Safety

  • Gas Fitting

  • General Plumbing

  • Hand Tools (General)

  • Hot & Cold Water Rough In

  • Hot Works

  • Ladders

  • Loading/Unloading Deliveries To Site

  • Manual Handling

  • Pipe Laying

  • Power Tools (General)

  • Scaffold - Working off Fixed

  • Scaffold - Working off Mobile

  • Sewerage & Drainage

  • Suspended Sanitary Waste Installation

  • Working At Heights

  • Worksite Hazards - Working Near


  • Customised with the following

  • Your Business Name

  • Your ABN

  • Your Office Site Address

  • Your Logo (PNG or JPEG Preferred)

    Why Choose Us?

  • 12 Month Warranty On All Your SWMS

  • Site Acceptance Guaranteed

  • You Own The Content For Life - Delivered In MS Word

  • If You Loose Them We Resend Them For Free

  • One On One Access To Our SWMS Specialist