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 Preparing to Undertake New Roof Jobs for Clients? Have a Roofing Work Method Statement Template Ready for Every Scenario

Building new roofs and maintaining existing ones, whether in a residential or commercial setting, is an incredibly important trade. Those that provide access to these important services, such as you and your business, are an essential resource your community depends on for help. Roofing isn't just about making sure that you leave the client with a safe structure, though; you need to make sure that you and your own are safe throughout the job, too.

That's where the SWMS comes into play. By taking the time to identify the risks, outlining the methods you'll use to mitigate risks (such as a safety harness), and keeping that information available, you can foster a safe, responsible work site. Of course, making your work WHS compliant is a vital benefit too. When it comes to a roof work method statement, though, you can often face the need to make changes based on differing job types. That can mean taking time away from brand-building and improving your bottom line to fiddle with software and complex requirements in the office.

At BuildingDocs, we take the hassle out of preparing your SWMS. Instead of tinkering with a roofing method statement template, why not skip straight to the end of the process by purchasing a custom SWMS? Founded by tradies and for tradies, BuildingDocs provides a tailored service with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Here's how it works and what you'll receive.

How BuildingDocs Saves You Time and Stress

Start by using our roofing SWMS template builder to share some basic information and choose optional extras. We have a variety of highly popular documents that make covering your compliance requirements much more manageable. For example, roof work often requires the use of ladders; our ladders SWMS provides you with a comprehensive approach that saves time and keeps the work site safe. Behind BuildingDocs is a team with hands-on trade experience — we understand what you need and work to make it accessible.

Next, fill in your business information so we can customise a bespoke SWMS for your review. You can quickly and easily upload your business logo here. We'll ensure it looks right at home on the document itself, professionally placed and highly visible. Once you've finished using the builder, just submit your payment, and we'll begin work as soon as possible. Need a rapid turnaround time for a job that's about to start? No problem — we can provide a response in as little as 1 hour for an additional fee.

Put the Focus Back on the Job with a Roofing Method Statement Template

When clients are counting on you to carry out vital roofing work, who has time to refine the paperwork for the job site continually? Let BuildingDocs take over part of the responsibility for you. Let's get you back on the tools and out of the office today. View our other available services, or reach out to us by phone or email to share your questions or concerns; ring us on 1300 MY SWMS.