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 Establish a Safe Procedure System for Work: Trust BuildingDocs for a WorkSafe Compliant Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Template

A worksite is only ever as safe as the safety procedures put in place. Having a thorough and bespoke safe work procedure template for your worksite is not only essential for keeping your employees safe, but also for complying with WorkSafe requirements and regulations. The problem for most tradespeople is that they lack either the time or the specific safety training to prepare these documents thoroughly and effectively. At BuildingDocs, we want to save you the time and the strain, and we do so by providing an extremely reliable Safe Work Method Statement template service.

Why Trust BuildingDocs for Your Safe Work Method Statement Template?

Any worksite that involves potentially risky construction needs a Safe Work Method Statement (or SWMS). The SWMS form is what you can use to assess these risks and put measures in place to control them. It doesn’t matter whether you are laying bricks, doing metalwork, or removing asbestos. A SWMS form is a crucial part of the safe work process.

At BuildingDocs, we know how much of a hassle preparing SWMS documents can be for tradespeople. It’s knowledge that we have from our own history. Both Directors have backgrounds in construction. We have prepared hundreds of SWMS forms in our careers, and we know how maddening they can be. When you are leading a construction project there are just so many facets, from staffing to materials to scheduling. Retreating from the worksite to the office to put together this kind of paperwork takes a lot of time, slows down your project, reduces efficiency and pulls you away from what you do best.

A few years ago, we had an idea: a service to help tradies with their WorkSafe SWMS template preparation. We knew that there were already plenty of services online, offering generic SWMS templates. We also knew, from personal experience, that these services weren’t providing the guidance or bespoke solutions that tradies really required. They mostly treated SWMS preparation as a ‘one size fits all’ situation, which it absolutely isn’t.

We built BuildingDocs on the foundation of a simple concept: documents by tradies, for tradies. You can order a Safe Work Statement template from us and know that you will get a bespoke document, customised based on the specifics of your business and your project. We even put your company logo on the form, to make everything look and feel more professional. Simply put, you can trust us to solve your SWMS pain points because we have experienced the same pain points throughout our careers.

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Do you need a safe system of work template for your next project? Do you want to make sure you get a form tailored to your needs, without having to spend hours in the office doing it yourself? If so, contact BuildingDocs today. We are here to make your job easier.